“Caring for each resident as if they were one of our own relatives”.

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I apply for admission to the nursing home?
First, you must contact us at 215-224-9898 to discuss the physical, emotional, and other needs of the potential resident.  Based on that assessment we will discuss the next steps.

How do I schedule a tour of the facility?
We can accommodate your schedule.  Call 215-224-9898 and ask to be connected to the Social Services Department.

Are therapy services performed on site?
Yes, we provide Certified Physical,Occupational and Speech therapy in the facility.

Is Marwood a Medicare Certified facility?
Yes, Marwood is a Medicare Certified facility.

Is Marwood a safe and secure facility?
Yes, our facility has a Security Guard service and is monitored 24 hours a day by security cameras and electronically controlled locks on all exterior doors.

When can I visit my loved one?
We are open 24 hours per day.  You may visit at your convenience.  We request that you respect the rights and dignity of the all the residents when you do visit.

Does Marwood accept residents for both long and short term stays?
Yes, based on need and availability, we will accommodate any length of stay.

Can I make a credit card Payment to the facility?
Yes, just go to the "Donations & Payments" tab.

Can I make a credit card Donation to the facility or a specific department?
Yes, just go to the "Donations & Payments" tab and make your selection



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